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4 good reasons to consult hpl structural: 

  • Small office = no loss of information. You always speak with a competent engineer who actually works at the project and is able to make decisions.

  • Experience and competence in networks: hpl structural is part of an informal network of different and very specialized partners in architecture, science, engineering, event management and stage constructions. We know how to work and communicate in such interdisciplinary networks in order to collaborate for a certain project successfull in time, in high quality, and with fun.   

  • Quality instead of quantity  - we just do the number of jobs we can cope with well. Not more.

  • Invention is part of our business, the know-how  grows with every job. After a project, we know more than before. For every project, about 70..80% of the problems we can do out of experience, and about 20..30 % we must research, invent, or at least recombine. Only therefore, we can help our clients with unusual problems, where other said already "sorry". 



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