high rise: structural design of high rise masts and towers 

transparent: design and calculation of structural glass 

efficient: leightweight steel frame constructions

under pressure: physics of pneumatic structures    

elementary: finite elemente analysis and finite element software consulting

layer by layer: structural assessment of 3d printed functional parts

hot stuff: fire resistance design check for structural elements and fire safety concepts

attractive: structural analysis for fairground stands, exhibitions, artwork and sculptures

dynamic: analysis of vibrations and impact processes

heavy duty: structural design of heavy steel construction in industry and water engineering

hpl structural
Dipl.-Ing. Frank Heyder, M.Sc., 
Consulting Engineer for Advanced Structural Analysis 
Neue Grünstr. 26, D-10179 Berlin, Germany

phone +49 30 78 77 63 46
fax      +49 30 78 77 63 10
eMail : 
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Frank Heyder is member of Baukammer Berlin  according to  Berliner  Architekten- und Baukammergesetz (ABKG) und Berliner Ingenieurgesetz (IngG)  
"Dipl.-Ing." (Diplom-Ingenieur) is a German academic title of TU Dresden - "M.Sc." (Master of Science) is a German academic of TU Berlin  - Frank Heyder is
enrolled as a structural engineer  in different Counties of Germany


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